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Opportunities at PsiScape

STARBOUND II - port to Windows

Currently, most of our energies are devoted to the development of Ferrum (which will be released on Macintosh and Windows platforms simultaneously), and maintaining Starbound II on the Macintosh. There has been significant interest in a Windows version, however, so we would welcome a team member with interest in porting Starbound II. Applicants must have extensive experience in both Macintosh and Windows programming. Compensation would be in the form of a percent of profits from Starbound II for Windows.



Here at PsiScape, we are always on the lookout for talented artists for both still frame pictures, and 3-D models and movie clips. To date, we have received most of our artwork from independent contractors. Anyone interested in doing work for us as an independent contractor should send a brief description of their previous experience and a sample of their work. Compensation for independent artwork is on a per piece basis. We are also extremely interested in developing a permanent relationship with an artist. Applicants for a permanent position must be capable of high quality still frame pictures, and be extremely comfortable with learning and using computer applications. Experience with 3-D modeling is strongly desired, though we are willing to consider applications without modeling experience that feel they could quickly pick it up. Compensatory packages for a permanent position are open to negotiation.



We are on the lookout for a good independent contractor to develop background music for current and future products. Compensation would be on a per piece basis.



If you have developed or are developing a new game, and feel PsiScape would be a good vehicle for its release, please feel free to contact us. If we feel your product has the potential to become a future classic, we are willing to provide aid with artwork, sound, and artificial intelligence components. Authors of games successfully released by PsiScape Software will also be considered for permanent positions as product developers at PsiScape Software.

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