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The PsiScape product line currently includes two finished products, the simple yet addictive Starbound, and the full featured Starbound II.  Ferrum, which we are very excited about, is the next in the pipeline.  If you have any trouble with the BuyMe or Demo links, please visit the specific game cites for more specific download and purchase instructions.

After the succesful release of Starbound in 1994, we received numerous suggestions for how to expand it. The result, we added them all! After six years of blood sweat and tears, we believe Starbound II to be the most comprehensive strategy game ever made. In our quest to make Starbound II all things to all people, each feature can be turned on or off allowing complete tailoring of your playing experience. Try it, you'll like it!

Starbound II is available in two versions, the direct download version and the CD version. The game play is identical, however the CD version contains superior graphics, including hundreds of quick-time movies.

Starbound II is currently only available on the Macintosh.

Starbound is a strategic game where you attempt to expand your single planet into an empire of galactic proportions. Pick any one of six races, each with different ship designs and tactical strengths. Pick the density of your sector in space, the number of opponents and the intelligence of the computer opponents against you.  Average game play will take from ten minutes to one hour per game.

Starbound is only available on the Macintosh.  The demo is a full featured shareware game which acted as the inspiration for Starbound II.  It is surprisingly addictive, even to Starbound II fans used fuller features. 

After months of work in the secret PsiScape laboratories, the designs for Ferrum are ready.  What is Ferrum?  After the release of Starbound II, we will post a few tantalizing details.  We are very excited here, and feel Ferrum might just be an instant classic.

Ferrum will be released simultaneously on both Macintosh and Windows platforms.

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