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Starbound II Patch 1.01 Released:(5/10/2000) The first patch of Starbound II has been released, and is available for immediate download. In addition to bug fixes, the patch adds several new features to the game, as well as a brand new AI. The most salient features are:

  • Real time ground combat had been improved, and is now more like real time space combat.
  • It is now easier to develop new planets.
  • Numerous improvements in the AI to challenge advanced players.
  • When a race ends its turn with no planets, the race becomes extinct. This eliminates the need to tediously hunt down the last surviving fleet of a decimated enemy at the end of a game.
  • When departing orbit of an enemy planet, a fleet cannot move until next month. This prevents opponents from paralyzing a planet by going in and out of orbit every turn.
There are also numerous other features added, documented in the patch download file. We hope you enjoy the changes, and welcome any comments regarding what you think of the game, and how we could further increase your enjoyment of Starbound II. Please direct your comments to the Starbound II message board at macosgamer.com which, incidentally, is where we got many of the feature suggestions included in Patch 1.01.

Starbound II Message Board:(2/23/2000) In many ways, Starbound II has been a community designed game, as many of the features and game mechanics included in Starbound II were based on suggestions by Starbound fans. We are pleased to announce that macosgamer.com has elected to host a Starbound II Forum tended by Wendy Miller, one of our earliest and most prolific beta-testers. We will be popping over from time to time, so don't be surprised if you find your comments and suggestions addressed in iterations of races, artificial intelligence, and patches.

Classic Starbound:(2/2/2000) PsiScape would like to announce the upcoming release of Classic Starbound, an applet version of the original Starbound game that can be played online on any platform. A Beta version of Classic Starbound is scheduled to be released in early March.

Ferrum Update:(2/2/2000) Ferrum is progressing smoothly, and we are happy to announce that we are on target to release Ferrum commercially before the end of the year. We hope to have a demo available for faithful PsiScape fans before then. We will be releasing details on Ferrum within the next week or two.

Starbound II for the MAC: (11/3/1999) Starbound II for the MAC in now available! The improvements over the beta version are just too numerous to list, so you will just have to order a copy or download a demo and try it for yourself. The game manual and race manuals will go online on Monday. We are taking orders for the CD version now, and will begin shipping immediately following the completion of the manuals.

PC Port and Network Play: (11/3/1999) PsiScape is happy to announce that the port of Starbound II to the PC is underway. The PC demo of Starbound II is scheduled for release in late August. To ensure the compatibility of the network code for the PC and the Macintosh version, we will be releasing a network patch for the Macintosh version at the same time the PC demo is released. This patch will ensure smooth, platform independent networking.

Starbound II Release Date: (10/9/1999) November 1st! With our name change and company relocation out of the way, we can concentrate on the important things, like the release of Starbound II! I am happy to announce all the known Starbound II bugs have been hunted down and squashed. We have implemented several improvements to the interface and adjusted game play as well. We would like to thank everyone for sending in bug reports and feature suggestions, as they have been an immense aid in this process. We are setting a November 1st release date for Starbound II, to give our internal beta testers one last chance to crack the code before its release.

Name Change (10/9/1999) As you might have noticed, Catfish Software has recently undergone a name change to PsiScape Software. Our face lift includes new e-mail, phone/fax, and address information, which is listed in the contact us link. We have also switched servers, allowing us to provide more download material, at faster speeds. We hope you enjoy the new facilities.

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