Tell me about the game

Starbound is a strategic game where you attempt to expand your single planet into an empire of galactic proportions. Pick any one of six races, each with different ship designs and tactical strengths. Pick the density of your sector in space, the number of opponents and the intelligence of the computer opponents against you. Average game play will take from ten minutes to one hour per game.
I wanted to try a few things with Starbound that would make it a game that I would enjoy playing. First, I wanted to be able to see the whole screen and all the info at one time. Second, I wanted to add movement and tactical strategy to my favorite space game of all time, Spaceward HO!. Third, I wanted to test out how to do hex management. And fourth, I wanted to work on a behavior-based AI opponent. - Josh
You must have your monitor control panel on 256 colors to play. Otherwise the program will crash at start-up.  The manual payment information is out of date.  If you find yourself playing Starbound II regularly, please send a  $15 check made out to PsiScape Softwareto:

 PsiScape Software
Sales Department
8865 Capricorn Way
San Diego, California, 92126


Okay, so were are the downloads?

Starbound.hqx (680 k) The game with an on-line manual

Manual.hqx (121 k) A Microsoft Word 6.0 version of the manual

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Last update: 10/9/1999