Different AI have different personalities, and will vary their degree of honor, pragamatism, vengefulness, and other characteristics from game to game.

Advanced users can choose to edit or build new races, use their own sound tracks, or even write their own AI!

And there are more features to! Try the game, and find out.


Planetary Development

  • Terraform the surface of new planets. Convert the atmosphere to your liking, and then send in the colonists.
  • Build planetary structures to effect issues such as planetary defense, research, manufacturing capability, population growth, happiness, and pollution.
  • Develop technology in six different categories, Weapons, Shields, Detection, Movement, Ship Production, and Manufacturing Efficiency.
Ship construction and deployment
  • Choose from among multiple ship types, each with a different array of weapons, technology, and storage capacity.
  • Design new ship classes to meet your specific needs.
  • Choose real-time or calculated combat between opposing fleets.
Planetary Combat
  • Land invasion forces on a planet while your opponent deploys defensive troops to defend.
  • Choose real-time or calculated combat between the invading and defending forces.
  • Target structures or troops for orbital bombardment.
Trade and Diplomacy
  • Form and maintain alliances and treaties with alien races.
  • Exchange information and trade goods with alien races.
  • Influence populations with propaganda, gather information and sabotage crucial targets with a network of spies, sow the seeds of civil unrest, and watch opponent empires crumble under their own weight.

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