In the distant future, six races discover the secret of the leap-drive and begin to explore space. Each race is distinct with unique strengths, but all must compete for the resources of a few dozen worlds...

"Starbound II redefines what it means to be a space strategy game, and is destined to become an instant classic."
- MacOS Gamer

"enormous and brilliantly executed... Starbound II is a fantastic game and should be downloaded by anyone looking for an immersive, gritty strategic combat game."
- Games 4 Mac

"one of the best shareware games I have ever played."
- Mac Game World

"Starbound II is definitely the most advanced space strategy game on the Mac, and probably the PC."
- Mac Warrior

"one of the best space conquest games since the classic Spaceward Ho!"
- Mac Gamers Ledge

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After the succesful release of Starbound in 1994, we received numerous suggestions for how to expand it. The result, we added them all! After six years of blood sweat and tears, we believe Starbound II to be the most comprehensive strategy game ever made. In our quest to make Starbound II all things to all people, each feature can be turned on or off allowing complete tailoring of your playing experience. Try it, you'll like it!

Starbound II is available in two versions, the direct download version and the CD version. The game play is identical, however the CD version contains superior graphics, including hundreds of quick-time movies.