"Whether you are the President of the Human confederation of planets, or the YXaWk high-priest, you are in charge of your race's destiny and no else cares if your life form survives."


Caged by the speed of light, struggling to contain famine, pollution, and inter-species war, scientists and politicians alike struggled with inadequate solutions to your people's problems, knowing societal implosion was imminent. One giant flash, a brilliant purple haze sweeping across galaxy after galaxy, changed that forever. The flash unlocked the solution to breaking the speed of light, for those who knew where to look. Based on a macroscopic application of basic quantum mechanics, your race uncovered the secret of the leap drive. Finally, your cage had been shattered, and your race was free to make its home amongst the stars.

Despite the protests of a vocal minority, defense spending was slashed to begin aggressively funding colonization efforts. With burgeoning access to the almost unlimited resources of space, many predicted the end of poverty, hunger, and war.

They were wrong.

Your race was not the only one to uncover the secret of the leap drive that fateful day. Almost twenty years after colonization of the nearest galaxy was initiated, your entire space presence was slaughtered. Only luck and fate saved your home world from destruction. After the carnage, traces of several distinct types of leap signatures were detected. This, combined with bits of wreckage found at the nearest colony, hints that at least two, possible more races were involved in the fighting, at least one clearly bent on the annihilation of your species. Your industry prepares for war. Your children train for combat. Your soldiers ready themselves for death. You have been chosen to lead what is left of your race back into space to confront the unknown evil that exterminated your defenseless colonies. As your people scream for war, you know that you must tread carefully. With your limited resources, you cannot afford to fight on multiple fronts. Maybe, just maybe, one of the new races will be an ally against the unknown enemy. Maybe, just maybe, your race will survive.

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